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Electric Bike Company E-Bike Sales and Rentals in Redondo Beach

Experience the Redondo Beach Pier and beyond with Electric Bike Company e-bikes, now available for sale and rental! Glide effortlessly from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica and return without recharging. Our Electric Bike Company e-bikes are designed to make your journey exploring the coastal beaches a breeze. We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices for daily and multi-day rentals, ensuring your beach vacation is not only memorable but also eco-friendly. Opt for the best electric bike technology – choose an Electric Bike Company model for your ride. Book online or give us a call to reserve your premium Electric Bike Company rental and let us handle all the details for your next coastal adventure.

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It's as easy as riding a bike.

Here's how it works:

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    Choose your Dates and Times

    Choose your start date, start time and end time.  Online reservations are for in-person pickup at our Redondo Beach Pier location. Please call or email for morning rental start times before our opening hours - we can accommodate advance reservations. Delivery can be arranged in advance.

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    Reserve Your E-Bike

    You can conveniently book online or call with any questions.  Our Redondo Beach Pier location at 129 West Torrance Boulevard, at the top level of the Redondo Pier parking structure. All riders must be at least 14 years old and sign our release of liability waiver and rental agreement before riding. Riders under 18 require parental signature.

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    Pickup at our Redondo Beach Pier shop or request delivery*

    Come to our location at the top level of the Redondo Beach Pier parking structure where you will pick up and drop off your e-bike rental. We are at the top of the main brick staircase where Torrance Blvd meets the Redondo Landing. Walk your e-bike down the ramp from our shop, right onto the beach bike path.

    * Delivery is available for multi-day, multi-bike rentals. Please contact us directly to arrange for delivery. 

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    Bike Orientation

    We provide a complete tutorial on the e-bike so you'll know how to use all of the features and feel comfortable riding. Riders must adhere to the safety guidelines agreed to in the rental agreement.

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    Enjoy your new favorite beach adventure

    Walk your e-bike down the ramp to the beach bike path - just a few steps from our shop.  Enjoy your stress-free day at the beach.  Ride 16 miles north toward the Santa Monica Pier and take in all the sights along the way.

E-bike rentals

Our fleet of rental bikes at Beach E Biking are built in the USA and made to cruise. We exclusively offer Electric Bike Company bikes, built locally in Southern California and designed to last in the beach community. EBC bikes have a battery range of up to 50 miles, high-quality motor & brakes and a cushy seat. You can't help but feel relaxed, buoyant and safe when you're riding an EBC bike.

Online Waiver

Every rider must fill out and sign an online waiver prior to riding. Save time and complete the waiver online.

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The best places to ride

If you're visiting, new to the area or just want some ideas on bike routes and bike-friendly activities.

Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

We are located on the top level of the parking structure at the Redondo Beach Pier - right above the beach bike path.  Our address is 129 West Torrance Blvd in Redondo Beach.  There is plenty of parking near our shop.  

When can we book?

You can conveniently book online anytime.   Online reservations are for in-person pickup at our Redondo Beach Pier location.  Walk-in rentals are welcome during business hours. Delivery is available for multi-day, multi-bike rentals. Please contact us directly for delivery. Please call or email for morning rental pickup times before 10 am - we will accommodate advance reservations..

How fast do the bikes go?

The electric bikes in our fleet do not exceed a speed of 19 mph by motor assistance. The Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail requires the rider to pedal and has a speed limit of 8 MPH.  At busy times, there are areas where bikes need to be walked when lights are flashing. Please be mindful of your speed and ability to safely stop when needed.

How far do the bikes go before needing to recharge the battery?

The batteries on the electric bikes have a range of up to 50 miles with pedaling on Pedal Assist mode level 2, according to the manufacturer. The less you pedal, the less distance you get on a fully charged battery. The range is about 15 miles with no pedaling at all. Factors such as weight, wind and grade of riding surface will affect these numbers.

Are there any age restrictions?

Riders must be able to safely operate the electric bike and be over 4' 10" tall.  All riders must be at least 14 years old and sign our release of liability waiver and rental agreement before riding. Riders under 18 require parental signature.

Do you sell the electric bikes?

Yes, we are an authorized dealer for the Electric Bike Company, which is the same brand of e-bikes in our rental fleet.  You can custom-design your own electric bike in-person or virtually.  We have a design studio in our shop, where you can demo different models, pick out your paint colors and custom-design your favorite model.  Your new personalized e-bike can be delivered to our shop for delivery or pickup, or delivered to you , anywhere in the USA, fully assembled.

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New Bikes for Sale

We have brand new, pre-built ebikes from Electric Bike Company in stock & ready to roll. Come to our shop to demo different models and we'll help you decide which model is best for you. Our sales specialist will help you choose and design your ebike, accessories and even the best bike carrier to fit your new ride.

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